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Everest Base Camp

Visual Identity


Nestled in the majestic Himalayas atop a peak once inhabited by George Everest, the Everest Base Camp site beckons to those seeking solace in nature's embrace. It's a luxurious retreat for nature enthusiasts, offering a sanctuary where the beauty of the natural world reveals its most delicate secrets.

For the identity, they aimed to capture the essence of exclusivity and their deep connection to nature's wonders.

For ECB's logo, simplicity met sophistication, echoing the tender harmony of nature's whispers and the timeless allure of heritage.

We wanted a visual identity that screamed heritage but also depicted something close to nature. Inspired by the site's serene surroundings, we designed a modern crest featuring minimalist line illustrations. Each element within the crest symbolises a vital aspect of Everest Base Camp, weaving together heritage and nature in perfect harmony.

The numbers surrounding the crest highlight the height of EBC making the logo experiential, holistic, and explanatory.

Unveil the beauty of the Himalayas, one peak at a time.

Find your sanctuary in the lap of theworld's highest peaks.

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