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The logo is derived by simply reflecting a minimal version of the letter K to create a unit that is in perpetual motion.

The branding strives to be active, energetic and to inspire it’s customers to choose an active path that they lay on their own terms. It aims for it’s customers to push their limits. The unit is placed within a circle, but there is scope of breaking out.


Visual Identity, Print/Digital Collaterals



The road to a healthy and fit life requires motivation, determination, sweat, and persistence. Kica is set out to inspire women to take on this journey. To stretch boundaries, break resistance, and define new goals. With clothing that inspires women to stay active. Kica is ready to provide women who are currently active and who aspire to be active with high-quality, comfortable, stylish, yet affordable fitness wear.

Text backgrouns-min.png

You are a part of the crowd,

and yet you’re unique!

The arrow refers to every individual that wears and sports KICA.

For real women. For all bodies.

For everybody !

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