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We Design for the Future of Your Brand.

Featured Work

The Laddoo Wala

Naming, Branding, Packaging, Social Media & Campaigns


Naming, Branding & Packaging

Indian Sauce Company

Naming, Branding, Packaging & Social Media


Branding, Packaging & Social Media Strategy

Our minimalistic approach focuses on creating a strong, unique brand identity with just a few carefully selected elements. The designs focus on the innate idea of a project and what it offers to the customers i.e. the designs are relatable to both the client and the target audience and their needs.

We believe that less is more!

( Unless your brand
needs otherwise )

Our Clients

At KBD, complex thoughts are made simple and effective.

We foster designs that speak volumes and bring forth the ideas of a client into visually appealing and imaginative identities.

A team that makes you say “This is what I had in mind!”

 We’re a team of zealous individuals who are passionate about the work that they do. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals and use our expertise to create effective solutions that surpass the ordinary.  Whether you’re a discerning entrepreneur or an established brand, we’re here to build your presence!

Who We Are



the ‘Why’!

Branding starts with understanding human behaviour



the ‘What’!



the ‘How’!

  • 1. Naming

    2. Logo Design

    3. Communication

    4. Packaging

    5. Creative Direction

    6. Social Media

    7. Animations

    8. Website Design

We help you understand and create what you want and what you didn't know you wanted!

What We Offer

Our Process

What Clients Say

Big thanks to Kavya Bagga Design, they have been a great branding and design partner to work with. Kavya is always a wonderful source of inspiration and ideas and we have had a fantastic experience working with her over the years. All the best for the journey ahead.

Tahiliani Homes

Jahan Tahiliani 

Our journey with Kavya Bagga Design Team was an absolute pleasure and a joyride from start to finish. Their enthusiasm for our project was infectious right from day one. They not only embraced our ideas and vision for both our brands, Aidu and Noho, but also executed them with precision, bringing our brand identities to life in ways that exceeded our expectations.

NOHO & Aidu

Aman & Shreya

I loved the process Kavya followed in creating the brand identity for Kica. We started with a few different directions, that were all very well thought out and had a clear story and concept. 


Aneesha Labroo


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